Holistic solutions to your event planning needs

We, at Talera group, provide a variety of solutions to your event planning need. Ranging from small, intimate dinner parties to a wedding or pre-wedding celebration involving hundreds of guests, our various properties have the capacity to cater to all your needs. Our team of expert event planners will look after all the requirements from themes to decor, food and entertainment to the hospitality of these events.

Complimentary Stay

We offer an option of complimentary stay to the third person especially students who come into the city for a limited period of time.

Same Day Checkout

50% discount on same day checkout (9:00 am to 5:30 pm)

Facilities at discounted rates

25% discount at Soham Spa and Darios for resident guests

Free night stay

Complimentary one night stay added after booking of 7 days

Treat yourself at Soham Spa

Complimentary treatment at Sohum Spa on 7 day bookings

Be our guest at DARIOS!

Complimentary dinner at Darios on 10 days stay

Dinner at Woodland restaurant

Complimentary dinner at Cream Centre on 7 days stay at Woodland.

Airport pickup/ drop

Mumbai Airport pickup and drop on 10 days stay at Sunderban (one way)

Book today

Offers available on bookings for longer stays